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2 Styles of Long-Form Video Content


Long-form content excels at driving Brand Affinity

Mini-docs & Original Series can deliver unique brand stories and help you reach the most enduring and valuable level brand/consumer relationship; brand affinity. Brand affinity begins with creating long-form, binge-worthy content that elevates brand sentiment, perception, value and trust.

Building authentic relationships in real life takes time - why would we expect the brand-consumer relationships to be any different?

Snappy brand anthem videos and explainers are great for garnering initial awareness and interest, but they fall short of building enduring relationships with your customers and community over time. That content's brevity becomes a weakness when it comes to expressing nuanced brand stories that provide genuine value and build deep-seated trust with your audience.

Brand Affinity Marketing is content by you, not about you. It's why you exist, not how you exist. Truly valuable, engrossing long-form content is tough to fake and therefore builds enduring customer relationships by exploring a brand’s true voice and values in a human, in-depth way. If you can consistently provide real value (useful insights, entertainment, human stories of triumph over adversity, humor) you'll build a base of "super fans" who'll share your stories free-of-charge with the friends, family and colleagues. Before you know it, you'll be growing a loyal audience dedicated to your content.

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Matter - LoDown with LoJack. Part 1 of a 4 part Mini-Doc that explores the knowledge and distinctive culture of the LoJack's Law Enforcement Liaison team and automobile theft trends from around the country.

Matter - Bringing a Mobile Farmers' Market to Your Community. In partnership with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, we created an 18-minute mini-doc that shows viewers, in both inspirational and tactical terms, how to start a local mobile farmers' market in their community

Olympus - A Better Quality of Life. In recognition of 100 years of improving lives through exceptional lenses and imaging, Olympus created this emotionally rich Mini-Doc that tells the proud history of the company through one man's life-saving story.

Original Series

Wistia - Brandwagon. A 10 episode season one for Wistia's branded talk show. CEO Chris Savage chats marketing with the brains behind successful brands.

Matter - Cyberside Chats. Our video interview series where we talk with business technology thought leaders about timely trends, what’s new and what’s next in the cybersecurity industry.


We recently worked with Matter on a mini-documentary and couldn’t be happier with the professional service or more excited about the end product. The Matter team listened to our ideas and worked with us and our nonprofit partners to craft a video that told the story of mobile farmers’ markets in a way that was engaging, tactical and visually appealing. We shot the video over several weeks and across multiple states and the crew was flexible, punctual and understood the project goals well. Gabe, Tim, Beth and team were attentive and responsive every step of the way. Caitlin Sullivan, Program Officer, Point32Health Foundation

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